When the words active mind crossed my mind. My thoughts somehow seemed to easily and comfortably let them resonate with life and motion. I pondered; if then that is the case an immediate suggestion would be to describe an active mind as a living mind, one that is not dormant or wanting any motion.

However based on the contents and the perimeters of my description, I discovered that an active mind does not equate to a productive mind. It is alive and busy but not propelling or necessitating meaningful results.

I observed various spheres of daily life our active minds oversee and discovered that we are either inactive, reactive or proactive participants. But for the sake of eliminating ambiguity, I will use personal leadership as a primary example, as I believe it is common to all people.

An inactive mind is one that is swayed by every wind, tide and current that comes, offering no form of influence, just like a flag on a windy day. It discerns no true information, easily establishes firm conviction on hear say and rumors. The only active action rendered is that it is present. This is a crowd opinion driven mind. Self leadership of this kind is as good as a broken compass. It achieves no goals, they just remain ideas by day and dreams by night.

A reactive mind is one that waits for things to happen before it applies itself. It is one that learns lessons and wisdom often through painful experiences. Often personal leadership with this mind set is terrible with prevention and excellent in remedial tactic. A reactive mind offers little offensive strategies and almost no innovative solution. Entrepreneurial leadership with this kind of thinking fails on idea phase. But makes excellent partners in rescuing a sinking ship. But sadly critical goals are delayed due to a default reactive attack mode.

The latter is a proactive mind. This one that refuses to be just counted a statistic, does not wait for things to happen but makes things happen. It does not wait for information, it creates information. It does not wait for strategy it devices it. This kind is often offensive in tactic, restless, pioneering and made sick by the sacredness of doing the same thing. A personal leadership of this kind subscribes to relentless searching, gathering, digesting and injecting itself with new information. Its primary aim is to obtain the goals it has inside.

Truth of the matter is that all would like to be the latter. But a truthful introspection would reveal otherwise.

How have you been leading yourself on the areas of education, finance, relationships, current affairs, social issues, spiritual matters, information search, health, emotional well being and generosity?

I scratched on the surface of this. So you are welcome to ask, share and suggest your thoughts on this topic.

Anele Nele Matshisi

2 thoughts on “THE ACTIVE MIND

  1. Wow….thank you for sharing your creativiity with us.However,i would like to just give an example of a reactive mind.Think of a situation whereby in church a pastor asks his congregation to sing and non of them does and when 1 finally does,the rest starts complaining about the offensivity of the song.That’s is waiting for someone to do good so you can start commenting negatively though you never try anything.That is the danger of a reactive mind,it pin points all the negatives and never compliments…..and never bring new ideas.

    Thank you again for this

    • Thanks Yonela, that is also an excellent scenario. Also think about this. It is possible for one to be a inactive optimist, reactive optimist or even proactive pessimist.

      What I mean by that is; it is possible to have a positive attitude but be unproductive. It possible to become an oasis of bitter springs of new thought, negative down ward initiatives. So attitude whether positive or negative plays a vital role too.

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