(In this poem I write as a struggle veteran addressing an audience made up of a born free generation)

The truth is that our greatest fight was not against racial supremacy, no.
But it was about breaking the walls of fear and inferiority that spoke against our being
Teaching us to undermine our identity as kings and queens
Making us to believe that we are born to walk with our heads hung low.

And so we had to think, we had to think deep inside ourselves
And outside our environment; because if these walls of segregation were fully erect
They would complete genocide against our intelligence, peace and education as a nation
But we could only hear the scaffoldings of prejudice towering down
When our need for civil obedience and the demand for order broke within us
And like the dawn of a new day!
We had to allow the idea of freedom to penetrate us like light in a dark universe.

So when the harsh caress of batons embraced our bodies with unrelenting hatred
We had already comprehended that;
Ideas give birth to each other and thoughts talk better among themselves

Then if so, the oh so powerful idea of segregation
Could only be challenged by the thought of freedom and forgiveness erasing a legacy of pain
And paving a way for new beginnings
The sirens, bloodshed and death
Could only affirm that we lost our will to live
And found our reason to die

We fought for the idea of freedom that it may give birth to new ideas

But can this generation perceive that the unchallenged ideas of society are constantly failing in progressive times?

Do they understand that the frustrations they carry are open doors for new ideas?

Can this generation recognise that the purpose of democracy is the freedom to think?

Written by:Anele Nele Matshisi

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4 thoughts on “THE IDEA OF FREEDOM

  1. Too nice and so deep big brother!!! “Can this generation recognise that the purpose of democracy is the freedom to think?”…makes me think….

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