When God uses the nasty among us


Life after the fall of men before the 10 commandments.

God’s promise of salvation to mankind is older than the law of sin and death. Before the law of sin and death was written, God expiated an ex-murderer, transforming him into the father of the first five books in the bible. In Jewish circles these books are known as the Torah. Their complexity, detail and consistent relevance still baffles scientist, archaeologists, law-makers, government officials and so many others to this day. This man was Moses. (And yes, God used him to script the law).

After the 10 commandments before the cross.

God raised another man, whom the scriptures introduced as a man after God’s own heart. A man whom history describes as a last born conceived out of wedlock. A child of shame. A consequence of a one night of fun. Despised by his brothers and hidden from God by his father because his presence reminded him of his guilt. A man with extreme inclinations. So extreme when he devoted himself to God he wrote timeless proverbs, poems and songs that were so potent, they not only inspire song writers and lyricists throughout the ages. But they are the perfect articulation of how Christians in all eras would and should worship.

A revolutionary who introduced the first musical instruments in a church service.

But with the same extreme inclinations, he had extreme weaknesses. So extreme he broke all 10 commandments consecutively. But God renewed and restored him. His name was King David.

After the cross.

God redeemed and raised another ex-murderer with a very weak appearance. An architect of the early New Testament church’s persecutions. A man who was so terrible at public speaking that at one point he once preached for over 12 hours and someone fell from the window, broke his neck and died – he had to pray him back to life. But same man when he picked up a pen and wrote, his words in writing would instruct churches, countries, continents and generations on how to live for God.

His sermons in writing were so powerful they still resonate through modern day public preaching today. An ex-murderer of Christians. He wrote three quarters of the New Testament bible. His name was Paul, from the tribe of Benjamin.

I can go and on about the track records of the types of people God used to influence the world. The ashy, the trashy, the nasty, the crazy, the friendly, the fake, the greedy, the feeble, the funny, the creepy – need I go on. It was people who would ordinarily become socially unacceptable and unqualified to speak on God’s behalf today, both in church and to the world.

But God being God did a work in them so great.

No matter where you are and what you have done.

God has a plan for you does not involve your past.

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