Life lesson from Joseph the men who brought up baby Jesus

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God’s “unrealistic” expectations come with “unimaginable” rewards.

Have you ever wondered why the Bible does not give us the full life story of Joseph the father of Jesus? His life sort of fades out during the boyhood of Jesus. Scholars argue about when and where he died in the 33 year timeline before the crucifixion.

Have you noticed that he is not even mentioned among the giants of faith in the book of Hebrews?

Yet the role he played in the implementation of God’s perfect plan to save humanity was so tremendous. Let alone bringing up Jesus as his child – knowing he was older than him and knew what was in his head before he said it.

Just a bit of background.

God waited for Joseph to propose marriage to Mary, and while in that commitment to marry. Which was a very critical point because the authenticity of Christ’s divinity, the Gospel and the strength of the Christian faith depended on it. God shared His expectation.

The Angel of God could NOT approach Mary while she was still a single girl, and tell her that she was about to conceive by the Holy Ghost. That would have been culturally and traditionally disputable. She would have been accused of promiscuity. The Word of God would be without a witness. And she would have probably been stoned for blasphemy in the end.

The Angel could also NOT approach them after they had gotten married as they would have already had relations. As was the custom of the Jews, newlyweds consummated their marriage on the day of the wedding in a separate room while the guests waited to see a sheet with a blood clot before the night ends. Their claim that Mary was pregnant by the Holy Ghost and not Joseph would have again been doubtable – she would have been accused of adultery. Again the Word of God would be without a witness. And both of them would have probably been stoned for blasphemy in the end.

But immediately after their engagement.

God uses Joseph as  a witness to what Mary would say about being impregnated by  the Holy Ghost. God used him to protect not only His Word – that “HOLY THING” inside Mary’s womb – according to Luke 1:35. But God also used Joseph to protect Mary from being stoned by Jews.

And the nativity story carries on and on.

Such obedience from Joseph and such courage. He was not a prophet nor a preacher. He was just a father who said yes.

You may be wondering why I wrote this, well. It was to encourage you.

You may be wondering why you are not receiving the due recognition for what God is doing through you. Its not the devil stealing your shine or blocking your praise. God is hiding you for His unimaginable reward.

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