The storm is not about you



When God is getting ready to move you into what you have been praying about and labouring for. He will test the people you have around you to determine who qualifies to go where you are going. Because each level of blessing comes with a certain level of attack and where you are going only a certain calibre of people qualifies.

He will allow an unexplainable crisis to erupt in an area of your life, and it will play out in public for everyone to see. Your name and what it stands for will be at the centre of it all. And everything, that the people He wants to remove from you believe is the glue to your relationship with them, will suddenly come up under attack. These are often the very same people we’ve had on speed dial for a very long time.

But in your crisis, those you least expect will stand with you. They will risk their names and reputations for you. All those who are supposed to leave you will count their potential losses, and one-by-one they will exit your life, protecting their names.

They will not take your calls, they will ignore your WhatsApp messages, not respond to your emails and will eventually pretend that they have never known you, even when you see them in public.

The fascinating thing about this experience is that you will only know why they behaved this way when you arrive at the place God promised you. While you are in the storm, the pressure will confuse you so much, you will not understand why they’ve suddenly changed on you.

A lesson from personal experiences is that God can remove the people you perceived as friends, not because they are bad for you or that they are unfit to stand with you. But simply because of the bad people they are connected to. He knows that the fulfilment of His promise for you will attract, the bad company they cherish and through them, you will find trouble.

I have seen God do this so many times. So much so I started asking Him why? Because according to me, logic would dictate that He tells me who to fire, demote and promote in my relationships. I mean I am capable of doing that by myself. I am not afraid of anyone around me, especially the people in my life. I respect them but I am not afraid to tell them the truth. Especially if God told me to.

But according to His word, His blessings add no sorrow. In other words, peace with the people around us is a part of every blessing He commands for us. Him cutting people off for you is proof that He has a plan for you and for those He is removing from you. He works all things together for good. Your experience is a lesson they will need to take into their new direction in life.

And what better way for Him to do this than to create an environment where people can walk out of your life on their own. You don’t have to tell them anything. Your crisis will tell them everything.

But the lesson you must learn while you are at the centre of your crisis is that whoever walks out of your life, automatically disqualifies himself/herself from any future relationship with you.

Because we only know our friends when trouble knows us.

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