Keep to the main thing – dealing with critics – Part 1


In today’s techno woven society, we cannot avoid our critics because we carry them in our pockets. We see them every time we log in to our social media accounts. But how do we deal with them?

The nature of critics is like this

They are not interested in getting even with you but they want to be evil to you. They want to see you hurting, weak, sorrowful and apologetic about yourself. When critics cannot find any wrong to what you do, they will turn and attack your character. When they fail at dismantling your character, they will become savage and attack your reputation. They will use every undiscerning public platform they can find and every gullible ear willing to listen. When they realise that they also failing at that, they will become evil and attack those closest to you.

So how do I defend myself?
I am glad you asked, the answer is simple, you don’t. Responding to every statement made about you is often a sign of immaturity. It’s not just counter-productive but it says that you are not ready to occupy your current level of growth. A significant part of being a grown-up is knowing the main thing and keeping to it. Your critics do not know what is important to you, they will only get a sense of it when you offer a response.

However, when you do respond, it is necessary that you come from a point of truth. State facts and declare your position and then walk away. The truth has a way of coming out and it will balance out every lie that has been said about you. Your job is not to go around explaining yourself.

Avoid the mud fights if you’re not a pig. You cannot rise up to your potential and dignify every accusation, every stab and every jab sent your way all in a day’s work. There are only 24hours in a day and every minute of that should be a seed to the things you need to accomplish. Your time should not be a piece of coal that will keep the fire of critics alive.

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