Keep to the main thing – dealing with critics – Part 3


It’s not about you

Most of the time, the attacks directed at you say nothing about you, especially if you are on the side of truth. There is an element of fact in the statement that says, “People will hate you when they cannot be you.”

It is the reason why rumours spread without people pausing to fact-check if they are true or not. Your critics feel good about themselves when they tarnish the image they cannot become – what you have become. Seated inside the heart of every critic and attacker you’re dealing with is not jealousy but a sense of inadequacy. Jealousy is a fleeting emotion, it comes and goes. But feeling inadequate in this context is built on insecurities about self.

You, unfortunately, have to be the mature one

Destructive criticism will only affect you when you lower yourself to honour every statement with a response. Vusi Thembekwayo put it nicely when he was responding to a disjointed allegation which was labelled against him, asserting that he claimed to have written the Finance Minister’s Budget Speech. He said,

“When you occupy the higher ground you don’t surrender it. If you wanna come to me, come up to my level and let’s have an intelligent conversation.” He then subsequently followed up with a legal advise against his accusers.

Silence the noise with fruits of progress. Become better because you are meant to and because they said you couldn’t.

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4 thoughts on “Keep to the main thing – dealing with critics – Part 3

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