6 Reasons why you should read (Part 1)


According to the South African Book Development Council’s 2016 survey report;

  • 58% of the South African population does not have books in their households
  • Only 14% are considered committed printed book readers – the so-called bookworms
  • Reading is the fifth most popular activity. The top four being;
    –  listening to the radio
    – watching TV, DVD’s or videos
    – shopping or going to the mall
    – socialising at home
  • Only 25% adult South Africans read books

I don’t know about you but according to me, this is one of the scariest truths we could ever be confronted with as a nation. Especially when we are talking about catching up to the Fourth Industrial Revolution and playing an active role in reimagining Africa’s future in the face of a modern world.

Reading is the most primary instrument any person can use to develop themselves.

Reading helps with the following;

  1. Imagination

My friends reading is light. Our willingness to create is directly connected to our ability to imagine. The substratum of imagining a progressive tomorrow is reading about yesterday; knowing what happened then and how the world worked enables us to have truer concepts regarding why things are the way they are in our present conditions.

When we do not know (read) we develop a tendency of using serenity prayers to normalise atrocities and to accept conditions that were not designed for the soul to thrive – the unimaginable. But when we are convicted by information, we develop a temeritous attitude of wanting to change the things we cannot accept.

Take for example this thought, the strength of the slave trade and oppression in the 1800’s and the 1900’s was access, control and the dissemination of information. These factors determined who had the power to create information for the purposes of self-improvement.

Slaves were not allowed to read for two reasons, the first being that through reading they were going to be able to see themselves for who they really were, human. Secondly, they were going to imagine themselves within the truest form of freedom, that being the ability for one’s soul to imagine itself liberated here on earth.

  1. Vocabulary 

Reading books helps to improve the quality of one’s vocabulary, regardless the language or the subject. The more you read is the more you will understand not only the words but their meaning, origin and their evolution or usage through time. I don’t know now, but when we were starting out in high school it was mandatory that we each own a dictionary. A dictionary supplemented our comprehension capabilities in class.

As a result, I and those who followed this dictionary method spent more time trying to understand the contents of the subject and less time memorising words. When you read about the history of underground hip-hop, you will discover that rappers were readers and many like Eminem owned a dictionary, to help them improve their vocabulary.

Technology has now made it possible for us to download pocket dictionaries on our mobiles devices. Do you own one?

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6 thoughts on “6 Reasons why you should read (Part 1)

  1. Eye opening thoughts Mr Matshisi. I am one of those who never read a book other a school book. I think its time i get myself a book to read and see how it feels.

    Be Blessed,

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