Permit yourself

There will never be a perfect time to be happy without the fear of offending someone else or better yet someone else trying to take that from you. There will never be a perfect day to make history without losing some level of comfort. There will never be a perfect opportunity to make a difference without standing out and doing something different.

What we have the courage to make happen is what will happen.

So go ahead and make your favourite drink – every day, put your favourite music on repeat. Life is perfectly imperfect. So just live.

Permit yourself to be what you feel and know to be true right now, today. This moment is all that you have.

I’ve learned that the preciousness of this life is not in the fact that we exist. But it’s in the moments we create with every breath we let out from our souls.

Permit yourself to keep that vision alive, in return, it will change you. Your vision will show you things your mouth cannot articulate. It will take you to places your feet could have never imagined existed. But only if you allow it to live through you and not just in you.

I am inspired by my two-year-old daughter to colour outside the lines and still be proud because it’s the work of my hands. The only superpower we have in this life is our imagination. We can never be more talented, more courageous, more daring and more deserving than the ceiling we have placed over our imagination.

Keep good company. Friendships are prophetic. Permit yourself to walk away from people who cannot see you beyond what they know right now. Start looking for people who will challenge you to grow. People who will help you draw out of you things unimaginable. Be the person you are looking for.

Permit yourself to be silent when you have nothing good to say, the air is already polluted.

There is nothing about you that surprises God, so when you fall, know that He has given you the grace to rise again. To try again and to fight again. He is not punitive, I’ve learned. If He was, He would have killed me the day I committed my first sin.

My friend, the life you have right now is not a rehearsal, this is it, you’re on the main show. So be the star of your own story. Use the circumstances you were born into to write an amazing legacy, one that will continue to live long after you have left this earth.

As a man, I am learning to fight for people I will never meet. But through the work of my hands, they will know that I came this way.

“Life is like a song dance before the music over.”


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