I took this picture on the 26th of July. Before you wonder why you’re reading this, let me get to the point.

Earlier on in my professional career, I worked as a communications officer at PetroSA and one of my colleagues, Lebo had an email signature with a quote that read,

Time is like running water. We never touch the same place twice.

I thought that was so profound. The morning I took this picture, I’d just realised that there will never be another 26 July 2018. Duh!

But more than that I thought about how much of our time is dedicated to living our fears, to conditioning our minds to accept our reservations and the limitations that exist in the world.

I thought about how we daydream about our extraordinary dream-lives but never making the time to disrupt the sacred sanity of our ordinary day-to-day agenda, simply because that’s the safest thing to do.

I thought about how we casually stroll through the years, accumulating age without ever realising time’s effect on opportunity – that running water effect.

Today is the future and tomorrow is not promised. Live.

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