Help is not coming

help is not coming

Let me start by saying compliments to you. I wish you a very prosperous 2019.

2018 was an incredibly special year for me. I sum it up by saying it was about giving birth, it was a year of simply creating things out of nothing and seeing ideas come to life and then see them touch the minds and hearts of others.

In a personal leadership context. For me, this article is partly about shedding off my 2018 skin. My reflections in this piece are like a snake slithering forward and rubbing against tree trunks as it slowly removes its old skin that was so necessary just a season ago. It does so knowing that the newness underneath its old skin will stay hidden unless it abides its time to act on the change it feels. So bear with me.

2018 was about getting off the mark. Last year was about making the jump or two, into a variety of imperfect conditions with clear strategies in mind. It was about knowing that help is not coming.

In fact, the phrase “Help is not coming,” was one of my action mantras and still is. It necessitated the need to eliminate the desire to look for solutions from others without taking action first. It inspired the creation of a community initiative I talk about later on. There’s just something about that statement that stirs my spirit into action. I think it just erases the Messiah complex in me real quick. Help is not coming.

I would, in fact, encourage to think about it whenever you are faced with an almost insurmountable situation and your mind is telling you to do the obvious thing, delegate responsibility and accountability. Believe it, understanding that what you need on the outside is a fruit of a seed God had long planted on the inside of you.

You will be surprised by the amount of creativity and resourcefulness it unleashes from within you; skills that were simply waiting for you to despise normalcy and leadership capabilities you thought you never had.

As one of my friends Siya Jentile would eloquently put it, “We are the ones we’ve been waiting for.”

But most importantly, that statement moves you forward in the area of learning and personal development. Trying out new activities gives you the opportunity to fail as much it increases your prospects for success. Failure is a very important ingredient in the making of a better version yourself. Failure is the genesis for many of our stories of victory, success and courage. In 2018 I failed a lot.

Doing something different enables you to conquer different giants. Imagine if David in the bible decided to build himself a house, start a family and watch many sunsets on the same battlefield were he killed Goliath. Doing new things frees you from the prison of old successes and creates a cavity for new knowledge and empowerment.

Speaking on the importance of letting go of the victories of yesterday and the need to understand your destiny will require you to serve; author TD Jakes remarked,

“It is better to become a door keeper to your destiny than to be a prince of your past.”

I’ve already accepted my new normals and I have started acting on them.

I have reevaluated my positions in life and what is expected of me in 2019. This year for me is about service. Service creates room for listening and listening opens doors to a wide range of conversations. Conversations stir up thoughts and as you may already know, “thoughts become things.”

Your level of thinking and mine are equal to the conversations we’ve been entertaining in the past. But service begins with quieting my mind and heart and taking the posture of an observer – not a bystander. Leaders listen to everything.

2018 was about plunging in and ignoring my fears and just going for ‘it’. It was about overriding logical explanations of obvious realities and doing ‘it’ anyway. It was about sizing the odds and seeing them stacked against every possibly and then choosing to run into them and eventually through them.

But it was not glitzy as I make it out to be. I mean what would reflecting on a year be without the usual, it was tough bazalwane but thanks be to God.

So here’s mine.

It was a tough year I won’t lie. Everything around me kept falling apart and my relationships took a strain. I felt like crap most of the days because I was not sleeping properly. I went broke financing ideas amongst other things. But God was good, even to a nocturnal creature like me! He sustained me. I mean that.

Within a space of 12 months, I had managed to create and implement a lot of ideas I had been working on for the past few years. But these were pretty monumental to me.

Through Strawberry Diamond, a company I own. I was able to roll out some projects, one of them was creating and launching the Rehab Sports online store,

We created and rolled out a non-profit community website intended to document the history of the community of Thembalethu in George.

With the support from friends and family, we created Thembalethu Imbizo. This was a landmark event for the development of township communities. This year we plan to do even more amazing work on it.

Together with you in 2019, I will be doing…Stay tuned

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