Culmination: Mother’s Day

My daughter is the culmination of all the woman in my life. She embodies their strengths, resilience, grit, sass and beauty.

In her, I see first my wife, our sisters, our mothers, aunts and our grandmothers. In her eyes, I see her rich ancestral lineage of matriarchs.

She symbolises the hopes of her great grandmothers whom some she has never met. She personifies the first fruit from the tree of sacrifices our mothers planted in us. She is the definition of her mother’s generation. She is the voice of their victories in flower form. Their world post-activism.

But most importantly, as a father, husband, son, sibling and relative to all these women; my responsibility to her will one day be summed up as a thank you to all the women in my life; every single one whose hope and stories run through her veins.

Happy Mother’s Day ladies.

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7 thoughts on “Culmination: Mother’s Day

  1. This is amazing. She’s blessed with wonderful and loving parents. We bless our Heavenly father for her ancestral lineage in her life.

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